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Keep the outside of your home looking great with our outdoor service programs, every year things need to be done around the home, and if you don’t keep up with them it could just add double the work and double the head ache, most basic home maintenance can be performed by the do it yourselfer but time always seems to be the issue in our busy fast passed life’s, and companies charge to much to take on these projects so people delay and delay until the problem becomes a nightmare and the price just went up with costly contractors, well not anymore with odd job tasks we specialize in odd tasks and services and our affordable rates and great payment options can’t be beat so this summer sit back and relaxes odd job tasks has your back !

Professional - $799 - Spring gutter cleaning, summarizing of garden hoses, installing removed ac wall units up to 3, power washing of entire house and gutters, power washing of wood, stone or composite decks and patios, power washing of all kinds of composite and PVC fencing not wood ,power washing of driveway walkway and side walk, power washing 3 feet in front of curb in front of property to remove winter sand and debris, greasing all doors and windows for proper operation, checking and re-caulking all windows as needed for a leak and draft free home, thermal testing and inspection of home ,windows ,doors, attics and basements with written report to let you know if your houses thermal properties are in range or need to be corrected, inspection sinks toilets and plumbing for good operation, inspections of electrical boxes and services to make sure no damage is occurring and no wires are exposed, inspection of termites and or insects present or past all inspections will have a written report for your records

Standard - $499 - Everything that professional offers in power washing & spring gutter cleaning

Basic - $299 - Power washing of house and gutter cleaning

For other tasks and services call for pricing, average repair or service starts at $175 to $225 combined any of these programs and services with our lawn maintenance and snow removal packages and gain great savings

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Professional - $1975 - with one year contract

  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming
  • Spring and fall clean ups
  • Gutter inspections and cleanings twice per year
  • Outside winterization/garden hoses and faucets windows and in wall ac units
  • Spring and summer power washing includes walkway to house, driveway and side walk
  • Spring power washing of siding or brick faced homes
  • Spring power washing of decks lumber or composite, all kinds of PVC and composite fences not wood
  • Winter snow and salt programs/ which includes snow removal of walkways driveways sidewalks 3 feet of curbside in front of home, salt of snow and ice, salt is optional but no charge, snow fall has to be 1 inch or more. Unlimited
  • Includes our holiday service program/ this program is for one holiday or event a year, includes hanging and installing of up to 2000 lights removing from storage and installing 10 lawn figures, wicker or animated, and up to 15 other hanging or still lawn or wall decorative pieces

Standard - $1475 - with one year contract

  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming
  • Spring and fall clean ups
  • Winter snow and salt programs/ does not include curbside. Snow fall has to be I inch or more, snow fall up to 8 times preseason
  • Spring power washing of house
  • Spring and fall gutter cleaning

Basic - $1175 - with one year contract

  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming
  • Spring and fall clean ups
  • Spring and fall gutter cleaning

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» Holiday Services

The holidays can be a tough time for most people, especially the ones who really enjoy them and go all out, it can be stressful setting up decorations and prepare for that special day that means so much to you and your family, here at odd job tasks we offer our holiday service programs along with many other programs that help relief your stress for the homeowners who just can’t or don’t have the time. And with our affordable prices and great payment options, it can really help knowing odd job tasks are in your corner. We offer decoration assistance, installing lights, ground effects, lawn blow ups and much more. Some people say that their favorite service is hanging lights and decorations on roof tops and high ledges, and we can see why, here at odd job tasks, all off our employees have schooling or on field training in carpentry and other outdoor service such as roofing and siding, so better leave the high stuff to us, we don’t want anyone to get hurt during a time of fun and happiness, leave the silly tasks to us, you won’t be disappointed

  • Installing decretive lights on house or roof
  • Installing decretive lights in trees and bushes
  • Installing wicker light figures
  • Installing lawn blow ups
  • Installing animated figures and displays
  • Installing timed, chasing and musical lights
  • Installing decals and card board stand stills
  • Installing and preparing for Halloween and other big party events
  • Installing giant lawn flags
  • Installing and preparing for July 4 parties and events
  • Clean ups and repacking and storing of all decorations

All theses service can be purchased separately or added to other contracted programs such as odd job tasks outdoor services, lawn maintenance and snow removal

Services staring at $99 which includes hanging and installing of up to 2000 lights removing from storage and installing 10 lawn figures, wicker or animated, and up to 15 other hanging or still lawn or wall decorative pieces, this services is for one or two story residential homes, please call for commercial applications or any specifics.

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» Snow Removal

Compare some of our prices with our competitors your decision will be easy we promise!

Every snow fall with 1 inch or more of snow during the months of November through March odd job tasks will send out a snow crew to your location without you having to call, all our staff are on standby during these months and are dispatch before and during snow falls. This service can be up graded to ice and black ice services which include salting and deicing if rain and or ice are on your property and 3 feet of curb in front of property/black ice which is salted before and during ice accumulation and rain fall. We offer slat and artificial salt which homeowner should still be careful and ask their mason or masonry supplier if your walkways, patio, driveways, etc. can be salted. If salt is not an option for you, we offer sanding programs which can add great traction for walking and driving but do leave and mess of sand behind, which we do offer spring clean ups. We also offer defrosting of vehicles on your property which we will scrap any ice off windshields and mirrors and also remove all snow off the vehicles, deicing of locks is also done as needed.

Snow removal program - $325 - this program is for removing snow from any no grass areas in front of home, not including the street along the curb

Snow and salting program - $365 - this program is for salting all none grass areas in front of home, not including street alongside curb

Curb side programs - $175 - this program is for removing snow 3 feet in front of homeowners property along curb. Great for in front parking, add only $25 if combined with any other program

Vehicle defrosting program - $245 and $5 per vehicle after that - this program is performed on every snow fall over 1 inch. If added to any other program, this program is reduced to $125 and $3 per vehicle after that.

Ice and black ice salting program - $299 - this program is for ice and black ice only, Oddjob Tasks will send a crew to your home on every rain fall expected to freeze and any expected ice buildup, your property will be salted and deiced as needed. You can combined this service to any of our other programs.

Sanding program - $175 - this program is usually used on non-paved driveways, paved streets, and commercial applications, but is used to replace salt in some circumstances. This program can be combined to any other programs. This program is on snow days exceeding 1inch or more. This can be combined with other programs at $95.

Professional snow service program - $599 - this program includes all 4 services snow, salting, defrosting of vehicles (up to 3), curbside snow removal, sanding if needed - no extra charge, ice and black ice services

All programs are based on 12 snow rain or ice falls. If you would like to make your program unlimited, add $99 on to your program of choice

On any program you can swap sand for salt no additional cost

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